You’ve never danced blues before OR you had a few workshops/tasters OR you’ve been dancing blues for a few months, this is your group!

In this level you will consolidate the basics, acquire a good vocabulary and start to travel through the genres and different types of rhythm. We will explore different tempos and bring your dance to another level together with the sweetest teachers!



You take regular blues dance classes for more than a year or you have attended several blues dance workshops and festivals. You listen to blues music on a regular base.

You are confident with your basics and you have a nice range of vocabulary that you play with on the social dancefloor. You have good lead/follow skills and understand the importance and role of each
partner in blues dance.

In this level you will take your dancing to the next level. You will expand your vocabulary and refine some important basics. We will help you develop your musicality and make you feel more comfortable in different styles of blues music.



You have mastered the basics of blues and/or have been dancing solo for a few years. 
You are comfortable dancing on your own, moving your hips and you don’t mind learning a small choreography.
Our 4 teachers: Gas, Alba, Bénedicté & Laurent are excited to see you all soon and challenge you on different subjects!



You are an experienced blues dancer, who takes regular blues classes for more than 2 years OR you have been attending blues workshops and festivals on a regular base and done lots of social dancing for more than 3 years. You feel comfortable dancing to all tempos and different styles of blues music.

You are a rhythmical and a musical dancer, you are capable of improvisation without a hitch. Your own dance style and your personality shine through… You listen to some blues music almost daily! You have strong lead/follow skills and understand the importance and role of each partner in blues dance.

You understand that great basics make great dancers and you would happily spend classes on refining your technique and layering on top of it.