How are we making our event Corona proof?
  • Official government regulations will be taken into account.

  • We are organizing within the set of rules and restrictions as they are right now. But in case the color code changes, we will handle things accordingly.

  • Only dancers living in Belgium will be able to register.

  • Very spacious dance rooms (180 m2, 200 m2 and 250m2) & smaller groups, so we can guarantee social distancing.

  • Marked spots on the wooden floors.

  • All the classrooms, tables and chairs will be properly disinfected at the end of every day.

  • Personal hand gels and masks will be provided for all participants.

  • Hand gel stations will be ready at all entrances.

  • At the main entrance arrows will indicate the walking directions.

  • Every room will have its very own designated cleaning kit.

  • All rooms can be ventilated by doors to the outside or windows.

  • Contact tracing is perfectly possible as all participants will be registered.

  • There is a big parking lot in front of the venue, so you can come with your own car.

  • A fixed spot will be assigned to you in the BIG BALLROOM.

  • You can sign up with a bubble of up to 4 people.

  • This will be your spot for the whole weekend: all the (lunch) breaks and in the evenings for the lectures and the concerts.

What is expected of all participants?
  • People signing up for couple classes have to register with a fixed partner.

  • We will not rotate during the classes. Masks are not mandatory during classes. But you can of course wear one, if it feels safer.

  • We hope that you take extra good care of yourself in the 2 weeks leading up to this event… As we only have a very limited number of spots for participants, we cannot afford many people to cancel or to take any risk making others ill…

  • If you have a fever or at least 2 Covid-19-symptoms we ask you not to come.

  • We count on all of you to keep your distance when there is a line at the entrance, at registration or at the bar.

  • For all movement outside of the classes, masks will be mandatory inside of the building.

  • We advise you to wear a mask while carpooling with people outside of your bubble.

  • Bring your own water bottle (fan and towel) for the classes.

  • Bring your own lunch and snacks for the duration of the classes. No food will be served. In the proximity of the venue you can find a supermarket (1,5 km) if you would need to buy something.

  • You can create your own bubble for the lunch breaks, concerts and lectures. (preferably with people of your own level, to not mix it all up too much). We will need to know the names of your bubble 10 days prior to the event.

  • You can also leave your bags by your own table in the BIG BALLROOM, as we need all the space in the classrooms, and we can’t have too much stuff laying around.